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Restoring Your 

Health Naturally

At Advanced Health Solutions, we provide natural, effective healthcare in a compassionate environment, focusing on restoring function and educating about disease prevention and health.

Neck Pain & Headaches

Specialized care and tailored treatments designed to relieve neck pain and headaches while enhancing mobility.

Personal Injury

Custom treatment plans for every variety of injury to a person's body, designed to improve your overall well-being.

Shoulder & Joint Pain

Sophisticated therapies for shoulder and joint pain aimed at achieving lasting relief and restoring function.


Cutting-edge neuropathy care with groundbreaking treatments to alleviate symptoms and improve nerve function.

Back Pain

Sophisticated back pain treatment options designed for a rapid and successful recovery.

Knee Pain

Advanced solutions for knee pain, customized for lasting comfort, improved mobility, and sustained functional recovery.


Expert Care Tailored For You

Our approach combines expert care with a deep understanding of your specific health challenges, aiming for effective, individualized results.

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Meet Dr. Bryan Haas, DC, NP

Dr. Haas at Advanced Health Solutions-Montrose, is passionate about helping people with chronic conditions regain their health, vitality and quality of life. He Focuses on finding natural ways for the body to become pain free and heal itself.

Dr. Haas is both a chiropractor and a Nurse Practitioner, making him very unique. He has the tools for chiropractic therapy, regenerative therapy, and can prescribe medications - all in one! 

Patients love his energy, upbeat attitude, bedside manner, and the way he really listens to them, He truly cares about his patients, their families, and their overall health and well-being.


See What Patients are Saying

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Shawna P.

"Dr. Haas is absolutely the best of the best in chiropractic care. I have been under his care for a variety of issues over the last ten years from disc bulges in my neck, to major tendinitis in my shoulder and each time Dr. Haas created a treatment plan that helped me fully recover. He even helped me completely restore the curve in my neck back to normal. I refer all of my friends and family to his office because I think he’s that brilliant."

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Mary L.

"Dr. Haas has been my chiropractor for 18 years. I’ve had many issues with my knees from volleyball in college. Dr Haas has helped me through spinal decompression, knee injections and overall spine health through chiropractic care. He is an innovator in his field and the best doctor I could recommend. All of my 6 children have greatly benefited from his care as well!"

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Serenity L.

"I love Dr Haas! He does miracle. First time I went to him 5 years ago when I dislocated my spine while zip lining. At Kaiser they told me that it nothing they can do for me and prescribed me whole bunch of painkillers and mussel relaxers which wouldn’t help me. But Dr Haas fixed my problem in 2 visits. After that i took my husband to him. My husband had back pain for 10 years due to scoliosis. And Dr Haas fixed him too! He is the best doctor out here!"


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